The Future of Newspapers and Libraries? Surprise! There IS One!

Seriously.  There will be  a future and that future will include newspapers and libraries.  Whew, I’m glad THAT’s settled.

OK, it’s a bit more complicated than that, of course.  Today’s program on the changes occurring in newspapers and their impact on libraries shed some much-needed light on how newspapers got themselves into their current situation, what that situation is, and where they will be headed years down the road.  And of course, how libraries are affected by and adapting to these developments.

We had three outstanding speakers, each with a unique perspective.  Amanda Maurer is the Online and Social Media Producer for the Chicago Tribune.  Dan Sinker is a professor of journalism at Columbia College.  Bruce Brigell is the Coordinator of Information Services at the Skokie Public Library.

Here’s a video they showed to kick off the program. Good for some laughs (“owns home computer”), but relevant to the topic as well!

Let us know how you liked the program.  We had a great discussion going on before we had to break up, let’s keep it rolling here!

Edit: Bruce Brigell has shared his two handouts: “The Public Library and the Public Record” and “Program Links” (both in pdf).

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