Recharge Unconference 2015

Date: October 30, 2015

Time: 9am-4pm

Location: Gail Borden Public Library District, 270 N Grove Ave, Elgin, IL 60120

Looking to re-energize your innovation and creativity? Join us as we transform to Recharge: Continuing Education for Library Leaders at our first Unconference. You’ll participate in hands-on learning activities, hear from innovators in the field, and be inspired by keynote speaker, Beck Tench, an educator, designer, and technologist. This isn’t your average unconference. Be prepared to move, explore, discuss, and have fun!

To Recharge, participants will:

  • Rethink space, physical, mental and personal
  • Transcend barriers to collaboration
  • Engage in active learning
  • Expand creative networks
  • Explore new, inspiring ideas

Activities will include:

  • Keynote presentation and learning experience with Beck Tench
  • Experiential learning activity to expand your communication and creativity
  • Power presentations from library leaders
  • Opportunities to connect and share with your library community

Cost: FREE — Sponsored by H.W. Wilson, Gale Cengage Learning and TBS. Optional $10 boxed lunch from Panera. Beverages are not included.


“Unconference: Cultivate Conversations on Culture”
Anne Belden and Tony Hahn



Networking Programs

Check Out the Recharge Workshop Line Up!


In addition to Beck Tench as the keynote speaker, the Recharge Unconference offers amazing local librarians leading mini workshops. Your library peers will share their best tools to empower you to regain energy, get inspired, and increase creativity. Check out the full line up of Recharge Workshops below!

Build New Partnerships Through Shared Economy
Amy Killebrew & Vicki Rakowski, Make it @ Your Library

Shared economy (or sharing economy or peer economy) is a growing trend usually associated with online services like Airbnb, Uber, and a myriad of others. The team behind Make it @ Your Library will discuss some of the things they learned about merging their mission with the sharing economy, and lead the conversation on how libraries are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this trend.

Create Common Ground Through Aspirations
Susan Carlton, Community Engagement Manager at Skokie Public Library

When we talk about aspirations, we improve the chance of finding common ground to better learn to work together and get stuff done.  Learn about the aspirations conversation that is used in the Harwood Institute’s training.

Cultivate Conversations on Culture
Anne Belden, Head of Adult Reference at Ela Area Public Library
Tony Hahn, Reference Librarian at Des Plaines Public Library

Values and culture statements are at the core of designing library services and are known to have a powerful influence on the staff and library users. Join us for an anonymous sampling of values and culture statements from for-profit companies and libraries followed by a discussion on ways to cultivate a positive cultural shift.

Expand Your User Experience Toolkit
Brodie Austin, ‎Virtual Community Engagement Manager at Skokie Public Library

If you’re an innovator, your toolkit needs to include solid interviewing techniques for customer and market research. One such technique is the “jobs to be done” interview. We’re going to learn what it is, how to do it, and how to identify the “jobs” that users hire your library to do.

Defy Traditional Work Space
Bille Jo Moffett, Manager of Studio 270 at Gail Borden Public Library

Think differently about space in your library and how to work within it. Learn tips and tricks to abandon your desk and work freely throughout the library.

Find Your Platform for Creativity
Amy Holcomb, ‎Co-Chair of Recharge

This session will share a variety of resources to encourage playful learning outside the library to help spark creativity and inspiration.

Practice Creative Adaptations
Alicia Hammond, Co-Chair of Recharge
Magan Szwarek, Adult Services Manager at Forest Park Public Library

You don’t need to a library genius to create amazing experiences and services for your community. In this session, learn about remixing and scaling to creatively adapt great ideas to your community no matter the size or demographics.  

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Introducing the Recharge Unconference Keynote Speaker


The Recharge Unconference is quickly approaching in October! We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our amazing keynote speaker Beck Tench.

Beck Tench is an independent educator, storyteller, technologist, and designer who writes, draws, and presents on fear, failure, and change. Beck will open the unconference with this talk:

Librarians in Space: How to make space, find courage, and take risks in your life and library
What would you do, if on the first day your job your director told you that if you didn’t fail, she or he would be disappointed in you? How would you fail on purpose? Fail productively? Fail without shame? Beck Tench shares her experience of being told exactly that on July 7, 2008 and what she did before, during, and after to come to a place where failure, risk, and change — while still scary — are possible in her life and work. Regardless if your director encourages failure as a goal, it is a reality for the change that libraries need to make. Learn how to make space for it, use it, and be changed by it.

You won’t want to miss this great talk!

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Are You Ready to Recharge?

The RLACE committee, which has offered free continuing education opportunities for more than 25 years, is officially rebranding to Recharge: Continuing Education for Library Leaders. While our name is changing, our mission remains the same: to provide engaging, inspiring, and meaningful continuing education programs featuring area librarians and library staff who share their unique expertise and encourage us all.

We all know that working in a public library can be draining, which is why consistent recharging is necessary. There is nothing like coming together with other library peers to learn, share, and connect.  Whether it’s a field trip, a panel discussion, or an unconference, we want to create experiences that leave you feeling engaged and excited about the possibilities of your job, community, and library.

If this sounds good, make sure you are signed up for our e-newsletter. We have some exciting events coming up in 2015 including our first Recharge Unconference in October.