Resources from Screencastic Program

Yesterday’s screencasting program was a success and attendees came away with a better understanding of what screencasts are and how they can be used in libraries to benefit both patrons and staff. Resources from the program include: From Mick Jacobsen Introduction to Screencasting for Librarians Screencasting to an Audience of One – slides Screencasting to … More Resources from Screencastic Program

Screentastic! Screencasting for Librarians

If you’re interested in learning more about screencasts and hearing tips on how to create them, this is the perfect program for you! Screencasts are excellent tools for demonstrating software, teaching computer skills, and visually sharing step-by-step navigation of websites and databases. They can be a powerful tool for all types of libraries. Come learn … More Screentastic! Screencasting for Librarians