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Update: We are no longer accepting applications for the Recharge Committee. Thank you to everyone who applied.

If you’re an information professional eager to get involved in the library world and create learning opportunities for other library professionals, consider joining the Recharge Committee! We’re looking for people who are creative, organized, and motivated to try new things.

Recharge is committed to providing free continuing education opportunities that address new and emerging technologies, transcend department silos, and respond to a variety of needs and interests. Check out our past programs for an idea of what types of events we’ve done.

The committee meets four times a year to brainstorm and plan programs, field trips, and other events we hope are beneficial to library folks. Committee membership is voluntary but includes certain expectations, like:

  • Attending all 4 in-person meetings per year, missing no more than 1 per year
  • Committing to at least 1 year of membership
  • Committing to co-planning and attending at least 1 program per year
  • Possibly using your own library as a hosted space for a program or meeting
  • Committing to active virtual communication

If you’re interested in joining Recharge, email your resume to along with a brief message about why you want to join.

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