Introducing the Recharge Unconference Keynote Speaker


The Recharge Unconference is quickly approaching in October! We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our amazing keynote speaker Beck Tench.

Beck Tench is an independent educator, storyteller, technologist, and designer who writes, draws, and presents on fear, failure, and change. Beck will open the unconference with this talk:

Librarians in Space: How to make space, find courage, and take risks in your life and library
What would you do, if on the first day your job your director told you that if you didn’t fail, she or he would be disappointed in you? How would you fail on purpose? Fail productively? Fail without shame? Beck Tench shares her experience of being told exactly that on July 7, 2008 and what she did before, during, and after to come to a place where failure, risk, and change — while still scary — are possible in her life and work. Regardless if your director encourages failure as a goal, it is a reality for the change that libraries need to make. Learn how to make space for it, use it, and be changed by it.

You won’t want to miss this great talk!

Sign up today for the Unconference!

Find out more about Beck at her site


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