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Be An Online Detective!

magnifierIf someone’s not a famous person or relentless self-promoter, what can other people uncover about that person on the Internet for free?

Steven Jablonski of the Skokie Public Library will explore the world of online public records and show how you can use this information to locate people and find out more about them. We will look both at official government agencies and at commercial sites that recycle and disseminate public information in creative ways. Finally, we will consider how people can obtain public records that aren’t freely available online.

After the program there will be a tour of Skokie Public Library’s newly remodeled second floor Computer Commons, Business Center, and study rooms.

When: Wednesday, March 13, 9:30 am – 12 pm

WhereSkokie Public Library Mary Radmacher Room

Cost: FREE Sponsored by H.W. Wilson

Questions? Contact us.


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