The Modern Discussion Group – Books Optional

The discussion group LitLounge, sponsored by Skokie and Morton Grove Public Libraries

We all knew it was inevitable once libraries started easing on their “NO BEVERAGES ALLOWED” rule. Discussion groups were going to be held in bars. Or even if they were still held in the Library, they…they….they weren’t BOOK CLUBS anymore! No more pound cake! No more (or maybe just less of) Alexander McCall Smith! Is that an actual MALE attending?!? And he’s not handcuffed to his wife or looking for extra credit for his Lit 115 course?

It’s true…discussion groups are changing and RLA-CE is here to get you up to date. Amita Lonial, Adult Services Program Coordinator at the Skokie Public Library will talk about some of the great, unique discussion groups happening at her library. She’ll also talk about the lessons learned from some not so great discussion groups that didn’t quite make the cut. Rebecca Vnuk, Editor, Reference and Collection Management – Booklist at American Library Association (but really, we love her for her work at Shelf Renewal in all incarnations, right?) will cover the basics that go a long way towards making any discussion group a success (hint – pound cake ain’t always bad).

If you’re looking to start a new discussion group, or just give the one you already run a boost of creativity, you need to be at the Northbrook Public Library on Monday, November 26 at 9:30.

When: Monday, November 26 9:30 am – 12 pm

Where: Northbrook Public Library Auditorium 1201 Cedar Lane, Northbrook, IL

Cost: FREE Sponsored by Gale Cenage Learning

Register: HERE

Questions? Contact us.

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