CE Around the State

CE Around the State – Spoooooky Edition!

I mean, we’re nearly to 2013!  What’s spookier than that?

While you recover from that massive chill that just ran down your spine, here are the wonderful CE opportunities for you to choose from

LEARN is meeting on October 2nd from 2-4pm at the Schaumburg Public Library.  LEARN comprises mainly library and non-profit organization staff members interested in providing materials and services to adults learing to read, speak, and understand English.  It is okay to just drop in to the meeting, but if you know for sure that you can attend, please email Joe Popowitch at FREE!

October 9-11, of course is ILA!  WOOT!  You need to attend or resemble two right isosceles triangles sharing a hypotenuse.

Whether you’re at ILA or not, be sure to remember to slam the boards on the 10th.  Promote librarians beyond the library! On the 10th of each month, visit your favorite “Social Q&A” sites (Yahoo Answers, Quora, WikiAnswers, etc.) and locate questions for which you can provide well-researched answers. Identify yourself as a librarian in your answer. Then post links to your answers on Twitter using the hashtag #slamtheboards. FREE!

Also on the 10th, there’s something called a Zone 1-4 Reference Meeting at the Elmhurst Public Library from 10am-noon.  They claim to be “A networking meeting for reference librarians.” but am I the only one thinking zombies, aliens, or mole people digging up from the Earth’s core just might show up?  FREE!

To paraphrase the French saying when kings their died – Summer Reading is Over!  Let’s Plan for Summer Reading!  Dominican University is doing just that.  They’re hosting Putting the Reading into Summer Reading on Thursday, October 11th from 9am-noon.  Every year the summer reading program represents librarians’ biggest investment of time and resources, and our best opportunity to get young people excited about books and reading. Join Thom Barthelmess, curator of the Butler Children’s Literature Center, for a hands-on workshop where we’ll put together ideas for book talks, reading lists, reading logs, programs, and prizes that celebrate books and reading in an enticing and meaningful way.

The Prairie State Story League is meeting on Friday, October 12th from 9:30-noon at the Franklin Park Public Library.  This month’s topic will include individuals sharing stories, activities, materials and resources. Monthly meetings begin with breakfast snacks at 9:30 followed by sharing from 10:00-12:00. Newcomers are always welcome. Handouts optional, or post on  FREE!

Learn to Incubate Leadership @ Your Library with a WebJunction webinar of the same name on Tuesday, October 16 from 1-2pm.  Through peer mentoring and other methods, explore ways to create a generative space that nourishes the infectious qualities of leadership. Develop a network of seasoned learners who will incubate leadership, both within your library and in support of the broader community, collaboratively building and leading a rich and fulfilling learning organization. FREE!

The Matteson Public Library is hosting the workshop Managing Stress and Change on Wwednesday, October 17 from 9am-1pm.  Stress and change are inevitable in the workplace. This interactive workshop will address positive ways to handle stressful situations. Participants will leave with an understanding of the characteristics of resilient people and an action plan for improving their ability to respond to stress and change.

Dominican University kicks off a three part Readers Advisory series on Wednesday, October 17th from 9am-noon with Reader’s Advisory: 0-60 in Three Steps.  Readers’ Advisory (RA) expert Joyce Saricks will teach the philosophy behind RA, resources needed, fundamentals of the RA interview, and “Genre 101″—what’s basic and what’s hot; and come away with a formula for starting an RA service that will become indispensable to library readers. Aimed at the RA novice, this series will also be useful to those wishing to update their skills.

October 18-19 is the ISLMA Conference at Pheasant Run in St. Charles.

Also on the 19th is the Former NSLS Youth Services Managers’ Meeting at the Warren-Newport Public Library from 9:30-noon.  Now, if you’re thinking what I thought upon first reading, I thought this was a meeting of former youth services managers.  Y’know librarians who had either retired or gone on to other things but still wanted to hang out.  Nope, it’s actually an ongoing group of Youth Services Managers who are from the former NSLS area!  They do invite (current) YS managers from all RAILS libraries to attend as well.  FREE!

WebJunction is offering the Webinar Freedom Rings in Philadelphia: Community Technology Adoption from 1-2pm on Thursday, October 265th.  The Freedom Rings Partnership brings Internet access, computer assistance and digital opportunities to Philadelphians with the least access to broadband. They’ll share their experiences in developing sustainable partnerships and adapt this model to meet your community technology adoption needs.  FREE!

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