Leading from the Middle – A Moving and Shaking Panel Discussion

Chicago is a hotbed of fantastically creative librarians.  If you need proof, just look at all the Movers & Shakers from Illinois over the years.  On Friday, September 14 at the Barrington Area Library, we’ll have a group of winners on hand to talk about how they lead when they’re not in charge and how it has impacted their careers since winning.  We know you want to know who will be on the panel, but you know the curse of celebrity – we have to talk to their people who talk to our people who arrange a lunch that’s actually more of a ‘linner’ once everyone arrives.  Then schedules have to get checked, personal security ensured and gift bags negotiated.

Despite this, we’re very close to having our lineup confirmed and we’ll post it when it is.   In the meantime, live a bit on the wild side and register in the dark!

It’s a great opportunity to recharge the ole’ “love of career” tank as well as getting some great ideas for your library and perhaps some inspiration for nominating or even becoming a Mover and/or Shaker yourself!

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