Back to Books

RLA-CE has a fantastic program lined up for you.  It’s so absolutely fantastic, we couldn’t wait until the fall to present it.  It’s so wonderfully, phenomenally fantastic that we are having our first EVER summer program just to bring it to you as soon as possible.

This summer, RLA-CE brings you Back to Books.

Librarians have been focused on technology recently and RLA-CE is no different.  We’ve had programs on eReaders, the dot gov websites, and consumer/product evaluations.  But what about books?  Y’know, those things that take up the majority of the space in most libraries?  Made from paper, written from the heart and cataloged with love?  Well, on Tuesday, June 28th, RLA-CE presents workshop highlighting some of the best ways to bring focus back to books and how technology can help us promote books more effectively.

We’ll have Carolyn Muci, Head of Marketing and Public Relations at the Mount Prospect Public Library to talk about the exciting ways they bring books out into their community.  Becky Spratford, author, Dominican University instructor, and Readers’ Advisory librarian at the Berwyn Public Library, will talk how social media can be used to promote books.  And we’ll also have Jason Smith, co-owner of Chicago’s Best Bookstore, The Book Table.  He’ll share some of his marketing secrets with us.  Not just the big, one-time events, what he does on a smaller, continuous scale to keep his customers coming back.

When: Tuesday, June 28th from 1:30-4:00 (If you’re not back from ALA yet, you’re just milking a few extra days out of New Orleans)

Where: Park Ridge Public Library (Map & Directions)

Cost: Free – Sponsored by HW Wilson

Registration: Online registration

Any questions? Please contact us!

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