I Dream of Jeannie (ology) Round-up

I loved that show.  It almost made me wish for rain delays during Cubs game.  But Sidney Sheldon?  Really?!?

We had a great turnout this morning at the Wilmette Public Library for our workshop on genealogy.  We had three wonderful speakers talk about ways to help library patrons start their family search.  As Rose Faber of the Barrington Area Public Library District put it, it’s a lifelong hobby.  Deena Butta from the Glenview Public Library and facilitator of the Genealogy CoP outlined several area resources as well as some of the CoP’s overall favorites.  One favorite she didn’t cover was the Family History Center in Wilmette because we had Cyndy Richardson, a volunteer at the Center give a insightful talk about wonderful services they provide and the best way our patrons can take advantage of them.


We did have a small technical glitch with the FamilySearch video, so I’m including it here

And part 2!

Also here are Rose Faber’s Genealogy Slides

And Deena’s Genealogy FAQ is a great guide matching up recommended sources with common genealogy questions.

And finally, the super secret, double X classified, Eye’s Only (well local patron’s only) website of the FHC.

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