March Program: Whole Lot of Evaluatin’ Goin’ On

We all know where to find evaluations of products in Consumer Reports and other sources. Product reviews, however, are only part of an ever-expanding world of reviews, ratings, rankings, and evaluations, both professional and amateur, scattered over scores of websites and print products. In this program, Steven Jablonski of the Skokie Public Library will survey the best resources for finding evaluations of businesses, service providers and professionals, organizations, nonprofits, and more. We will explore where these evaluations come from and how reputable they are. These days, if something can be evaluated, it probably is. Here’s where you can find these evaluations.

When: March 16, 2011 from 9:30am-12:00pm

Where: Skokie Public Library (map and directions)

Cost: Free – sponsored by HW Wilson

Registration: Online registration

Any questions? Please contact us!

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