E-Reader Boot Camp Recap

Wow! RLA CE had one of its most successful programs yesterday and the credit goes to our speakers, Toby Greenwalt of Skokie Public Library and Ming Heraty of Arlington Heights Memorial Library, for giving two great presentations.

Toby started us off with a “lay of the land” talk in which he covered how e-readers work, the current e-reader market, the number of different e-readers available right now, usability and cost concerns, and recent developments that might provide some hope for libraries and their users.

Ming followed up with an in-depth look at how one library manages to successfully circulate e-readers, including Kindles, Nooks, and Sony Readers. She mentioned specific issues that have come up with each e-reader type and the solutions she and her staff have come up with to get readers what they want.

RLA CE Committee member Alex Todd helped wrap up the program by facilitating a fast-paced Q&A session with our speakers. Many people asked about e-reader compatibility with Overdrive. Please take a look at this recent Overdrive e-Book Devices Cheat Sheet and this eReader comparison chart provided by Toby.

Thanks to everyone who attended! Many of you asked for a “Part II” program on e-readers so it looks like this program really hit the spot.

But we want to know what you thought of the program and e-Readers. Leave a comment below with your take on what Toby and/or Ming presented or your take on e-readers and e-books in general.

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