Oct. 27 Program: Presenting Professional Programs

Remember back in high school? Sophomore year? When you had to get up in front of your English class and….talk?  Yea, I’ve blocked that out from my memory too. Unfortunately there are yearbook pictures that prove it did in fact happen. And report cards (When did they make those inflammable?). Fast forward @$ (or so) years and you’ve safely avoided public speaking. But something is nagging at you. You are the expert on “It”! You are the absolute first person anyone in your library goes to for “It” and you just know many more folks would benefit if you could just share your “It” knowledge with a wider group – at an RLA workshop, for example, or even ILA, or (dare to dream) the ALA Annual Conference. Even more daunting – you’re not the expert but you’re the one your boss assigned to speak on “Very Important Topic X” at the next staff in-service day. (gulp)

Well RLA CE is here to help!

Join Sally Decker Smith,author of the ILA Reporter’s Sally In Library Land, and Marie Thomas, Head of Circulation at the Barrington Area Library, as they explain how to put on a professional presentation – what you need to do, how to do it, and (just as importantly) what NOT to do!

When: October 27, 2010 – 9:30am-Noon (9am Breakfast and Networking, 9:30am-12pm Program)

Where: Prospect Heights Public Library [map and directions]

Cost: Free – sponsored by HW Wilson

Registration: Please complete the following registration form at

Any questions? Please contact Alex Todd at

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