Putting the “You” in YouTube

Putting the “You” in YouTube

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More than 50 librarians gathered on a cold, rainy day to hear Karen McBride, Web Services Librarian at Des Plaines Public Library, talk about how her library is using YouTube. I think everyone who was present would agree that Karen gave an entertaining and helpful presentation explaining how to create videos, edit them, and post them on YouTube to share with the rest of the world! Karen emphasized the point of not trying to be so formal and perfect with our library videos. She encouraged the audience to have fun, relax, and not be afraid of making mistakes.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, or for those of us who need a reminder of what we learned, Karen has graciously provided her tips and tricks on a wiki at, so head on over there! But, wait! Before you leave, check out the video clip below to see Karen explaining some cool effects that are available on iMovie.

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